Agali P.O, Palakkad District

Attappady Co-operative Farming Society was formed in 1975 under Western Ghat Project aiming for reform 420 landless Scheduled Tribes families in Attappady. It has been registered under Co-operative on 24.03.0975. as per G.O (Rt.) 3343/75/A.D dtd 3.12.1975. 1092.79 hector land has been reserved for this project in four various parts. There are four Farms under Attappady Co-operative Farming Society Ltd.No.P-637

The details as follows:-

Sl.No. Name of Farm No. of Families Survey No. Extent. in Hector
1 Chindakki 100 1,12,14,44 Kallamala Village 283.43 Ha
2 Karuvara 50 23,1335 in Kallamala 141.47 Ha
3 Pothuppady 150 2019,1335 In Agali Village 377.89 Ha
4 Varadimala 120 1734,1725,1736,1742 Sholayoor Village 290.00 Ha
Total 420 1092.79

The main aims of this Project which began granding land to landless tribes are

  1. To enhance living standard and Social security of Tribes in Attappady.
  2. To raise the production of Cash crops implementing eco friendly agricultural methods.
  3. To give creative leadership in Agricultural sector.

Besides the 4 farms, ACFS has taken Pattimalam Farm from Vattalakki Farming Society on lease basis and is running a model farm in 12 acre.

There are 816 registered members in this society as per records. They belongs to Irula, Muduka and Krumba communities.