Eco Tourism

Farm tourism has been started with the aim of satisfying the lovers of Agriculture and Environment. Farm tourism, no doubt, will create awareness among the visitors about Attappadi which is a home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The visitors can enjoy participating in the process of organic farming while they are acquainted with the life style of the native tribes.

It is evident that nowadays agriculture is under threat. Realizing the impending danger on Mother Nature, a group of people strive hard to preserve environment and agriculture. They are ready to be educated in this field. We take this opportunity to educate the people who visit our farms with interest. In addition to the knowledge, the climate of Attappadi and the life style of the scheduled tribes would definitely attract the visitors.

The agriculture lovers can participate in the agricultural activities in the farm at the time of their visit. Farm activities include: Maintaining of the farms Coffee, Cardamom and pepper, fishing, cow maintaining etc., which immerse the visitors with nature and agriculture.

Trekking and visiting the schedule tribe’s village would be a memorable experience for the life time that etches in the minds of the avid trekkers of Attappadi hills.

The facilities and the entertainment activities

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